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Updated: Jun 23, 2018

This is my second book by Sandy Hall, and I liked this one just as much as the previous (BEEN HERE ALL ALONG). Although it's in third person, the POV changes between multiple characters, something I especially enjoy -- and in this case, each character is likable and complex, and I liked learning more about their motivations and dreams. The various romances were all sweet (and not more graphic than kissing -- anything beyond is mildly implied and off-screen) without too much drama and angst (though all were fairly realistic). I thought all the teens acted with a nice blend of maturity and impulsiveness, and there was a nice blend too of those who couldn't wait for prom and those who truly didn't care.

One-sentence summary of book: Various teens prepare for their senior prom -- some hoping for romance, some looking ahead to the next step in life (college), some just wanting a night of escape -- with diversity in race, sexual preference, economics, etc.

Genres: YA romance, YA contemporary

Publishing Info: Swoon Reads, 4/18

Overall Review Synopsis: 4+/5 stars; I will most likely re-read this down the line; recommended for anyone who enjoys teen romance (especially with LGBTQIA included), those who like multi-POV, and those who like a variety of leading characters.