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Updated: Jun 23, 2018

This is my second book by Shani Petroff (the first was MY NEW CRUSH GAVE TO ME -- which was very fun), and I enjoyed it, for the most part. I thought Zev had incredible patience throughout, and his sweet determination made him a very lovable character. Plus, I liked how he showed more aspects of his personality (ie, impatience, frustration, discouragement), as well. As for Sari...well, she was a little less likable at times -- mostly because she jumped to conclusions and then wallowed in her unhappiness (while also doing a little narrative whinging about her parents, despite her acknowledgement that she was misleading/manipulating them a bit) instead of behaving with more maturity. Of course, her behavior is very realistic; I simply wished that Petroff spent a little more time with the growth aspect of Sari's story rather than the struggle/immature aspect.

One-sentence summary: Sari spends a week trying to find her way through the challenges of traveling snafus (on her own) and relationship struggles.

Genre: YA romance; YA contemporary

Publishing Info: Swoon Reads, 5/18

Overall review synopsis: 4/5 stars; might re-read (because I really do love Zev); recommended for those who like realistic teen romance struggles, those who like sweet male characters, and those who like traveling (ha).