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I haven't read any other screenplays, but when I saw this one, I couldn't resist. Even though it was in a different format, I immediately recognized Rowling's depth of characters and intricate plotting. Of course, I've seen the movie, but reading it was just as exciting, and it allowed me to pick up on some of the details I missed (even after two viewings). I also laughed out loud a number of times, as I could hear Newt's (and Jacob's) tone in my head.

One-sentence summary: This continues the story of Newt and his friends as they try to overcome Grindelwald and his influence on the wizarding world, specifically trying to fight his manipulations of Credence (and Credence's true identity).

Genre: fantasy, historical, mystery, mild romance

Publishing Info: Arthur A. Levine, 11/18 Overall review synopsis: 5/5 stars; will definitely re-read; recommended for anyone who loves Rowling's wizarding world, those who loved the movie, those who love intricate and intriguing stories, and those who love fantasy