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This sequel to Jennifer Lynn Barnes' LITTLE WHITE LIES is funny, thoughtful, and filled with strong female characters. I enjoyed it very much, even though I didn't think it was quite as strong (plot-wise) as the first. Still, everything was resolved, and the friendships between the girls really made me enjoy spending time with them. One-sentence summary: Sawyer's decision to remain with her grandmother and take her place in Southern society leads her to a new association -- the White Gloves -- and as she and her cousin and their friends go through the pledge process, they discover even more secrets, many of which they didn't want the answers to. Genre: YA, friendships, mystery, hints of romance Publishing Info: Freeform, 11/19 Overall review synopsis: 4+/5 stars, will probably re-read; recommended for those who enjoyed the first, those who like families and their secrets, those who like 'girl-power' books, and those who like earnest heroines.