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This is my third book by Caleb Roehrig, and I definitely enjoyed -- if not quite as much as the second book (WHITE RABBIT), certainly as much as the first (LAST SEEN LEAVING). For this book (which will hopefully have a sequel), the MC is a female rather than Roehrig's usual teen boy. However, the other main characters are males, and I liked how some of them got their own narrative time; in fact, I liked most things about the book, including the drag, the relationships between the boys and Margo, the outrageous heists, the individual struggles of the characters, and the various romantic subplots. Be aware, although not graphic (all sex other than some kissing and sexual touching is off-screen), there is underage sex and sexual acts mentioned. One-sentence summary: Margo teams up with four of her closest friends (all teenage boys who perform in drag) to steal from the rich and sell to the highest buyer; things take a turn for the challenging when one of their heists leads to complications with her wealthy father's business, and Margo and the boys must figure out what really happened before they all pay the price. Genre: adventure, romance, GLBT, mystery/suspense Publishing Info: Feiwel & Friends, 1/19 Overall review synopsis: 4.5/5 stars; will probably re-read; recommended for those who like adventure/heist/suspense tales, those who enjoy teen romance (including gay romance), those who like strong heroines/female leaders, and those who like alternating POV.