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Robin Reads...I'M A GAY WIZARD

This is my first book by VS Santoni, and it's the first in a duo (from what I've read). I'm kind of mixed about this book. I liked the premise, but I found the world building pretty weak. The magic seemed both convenient and confusing, and I never really got a clear view of this world (which was supposed to be our world with magic added in -- but not nearly as well defined as it is in Harry Potter, for instance). The romance was nice, but getting only one POV made it hard for me to really understand Hunter's actions. All in all, I found this okay but not great. One-sentence summary: Johnny and his best friend (Alison) are taken to a wizarding school where they discover the plot against anyone who can do magic. Genre: fantasy (magic), LGBTQIA, mystery Publishing Info: Wattpad Books, 10/19 Overall review synopsis: 3/5 stars; probably will not re-read; recommended for those who like queer characters, those who like magic, those who enjoy likable characters, and those who like passionate narrators.