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I think this might be Tom Ryan's first book; it's certainly the first I've read by him. It has a fascinating premise, and I raced through the first half, dying to discover who killed Connor, Mac's (the narrator) best friend the previous summer. Sadly, this book really skimmed the surface of every single character (including Mac). Because I felt like I didn't know any of them, the revelation of the killer not only didn't matter to me, I found it hard to believe, as well. I'd say this book suffers from a serious lack of showing and has far too much telling (I'd say 90% of every aspect of the characters and the plot were told to the reader rather than shown; we simply have to believe that the killer was the kind of person who could and would kill).

One-sentence summary: Mac starts sleuthing when he discovers a note from the past from his dead best friend Connor (who was murdered the previous summer); along the way, he falls in love.

Genre: Mystery/thriller, LGBTQIA, Romance

Publishing Info: Albert Whitman, 4/19 (yes, I read an e-ARC)

Overall review synopsis: 2 stars; will not re-read; recommended for those who like gay protagonists and suspense -- and those who don't mind being told everything with no showing to back it up.