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This was my first book by Haven Francis, and I liked it. The writing style is smooth, and I thought the slow revelation of Jay's character was nicely done. Brighton is also delightful, though I will admit that both boys seemed older than 18 in places. However, the book is appropriate, in my opinion, for readers of a similar age, and the sexual aspects aren't too graphic (though more graphic than fade-to-black). It's a sweet romance, as well, told in dual-POV.

One-sentence summary: Jay wakes up one morning and decides he can't hide from the realization (that he's gay) which has been percolating for a while, and he asks Brighton, the only gay kid he knows (and whom he also has a little crush on), if he can spend the day with him.

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, LGBTQIA

Publishing Info: Harmony Ink Press, 6/17

Overall Review synopsis: 5 stars; will definitely re-read; recommended for any older teens, either those who are questioning their sexual preferences, those who already know, and those who simply like intriguing characters.