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Robin Reads...ROYALS

I first read Rachel Hawkins with HEX HALL, a delightful trilogy that I thoroughly loved. Since then, I've read parts of both her other trilogies, though I didn't love either as much as the first one. But this book, ROYALS, was so much fun! I liked Daisy and her sarcasm and ability to say what she was thinking; I liked Miles and the rest of the Wrecked Royals; I even liked Ellie, though she was definitely a bit uptight. Although the book is a tad surface-y, I still found it a fun, escapist read from beginning to end (without being shallow).

One-sentence summary: Daisy is forced into a personality/social media makeover so she won't embarrass her sister as she (Ellie) prepares to marry the Prince of Scotland.

Genre(s): Contemporary/Non-magical fantasy, Romance, Humor

Publishing Info: GP Putnam's Sons BFYR, 5/18

Overall review synopsis: 4.5/5 stars; I will most likely re-read this; recommended for those who like funny, light-hearted tales with hints of depth, those who like YA romance, and those who like British/Scottish settings.