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Robin Reads...SCREENSHOT

This is my second book by Donna Cooner, and I liked it for many of the same reasons I liked the first (WORTHY). This also has multiple POVs, which gives insight into many of the characters, and the romance is sweet. The characters seem like realistic teens (though Skye's concern over a screenshot that wasn't that bad seemed a little unlikely...still, there are many teens who worry about their image), and the problems they're dealing with, though a little extreme, are a good reminder that everyone's life has struggles. All in all, I enjoyed it and would read more by Cooner.

One-sentence summary: Skye's life is on track for her possible career in politics when her friend Asha films her in a nightie while doing a silly dance; someone anonymously screenshots a moment of that video and uses it to blackmail Skye, raising her suspicions about all of her friends and even her new love interest.

Genre: contemporary, romance, friendship

Publishing Info: Point, 5/18

Overall review synopsis: 4+/5 stars; will probably re-read at some point; recommended for any teens who wonder if they're the only ones with issues or those who take their peers at face value.