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Robin Reads...SECRET

The ELEMENTALS series by Brigid Kemmerer is one of my favorites, and of the five books (and three? novellas), SECRET is my most favorite. If you like angst, romance, brothers, and magic, these books could hit the spot. Each book focuses on one of the brothers (and one friend, Hunter) and tells his story of love and struggle. I like SECRET the best because it's about Nick, one of the twins (I will admit that SPARK, focused on Nick's twin Gabriel, is probably my second favorite) and his secrets. These books discuss some weighty ideas (murder, grief, vengeance, kill-or-be-killed, abuse, sexual harassment and attempted rape, bullying, and teenage sex), and although not overtly graphic (other than some spicy language, including sporadic uses of the f-word), I personally wouldn't recommend them for younger YAs because of implications and intense situations.

One-sentence summary: Along with the continued struggle with the Guardians and trying to survive as an Air Elemental, Nick is tired of trying to live up to others' expectations, and when he falls in love with someone unexpected, he doesn't know how to balance his life with his brothers and his own truth.

Genres: paranormal, romance, LGBT

Publishing Info: Kensington Teen, 1/14

Overall review synopsis: 5/5 stars; I've already re-read this three times :D ; recommended for older YAs who like realistic teen romance (LGBT), who like paranormal thrillers, who don't mind lack of resolution (a note: I really like Kemmerer's general writing style, BUT not only did she not complete this series -- ie, the main conflict remains unresolved after the fifth book -- I've read another of her books that appeared to be the first in a duo/trilogy, and there were no other books after it to resolve that plot, either), and who like exciting plots and tension between characters.