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Robin Reads...SO DONE

This is not my first book by Paula Chase, so I knew I would enjoy the voice and style -- and I was right. Even though I don't read much middle grade (tween), I found this fun and entertaining. I especially liked the dual POV, and I found the characterizations of the two girls realistic and thoughtful. I also thought the ending was satisfying and hopeful for both girls.

One-sentence summary: Tai and Mila struggle to re-discover their friendship after a summer apart; secrets, new friendships, middle school drama, and a dance audition fill their time and seem to pull them further apart.

Genre: Contemporary, Friendship

Publishing Info: Greenwillow Books, 8/18

Overall review synopsis: 4 stars; will probably re-read; recommended for tweens and anyone who enjoys insights into middle-school-aged girls and the challenges those dealing with low income can face.