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This is my second book my Maurene Goo, and I liked it more than the previous (though I liked that one too). In this, the dual POV worked really well for me, and although Jack may not have been on the up-and-up, it's not like Lucky/Cat was, either. I thought their relationship was intriguing and fresh, and I really like how they connected, despite the roles both were playing. I especially liked (as I did in the previous book) how Goo reveals aspects of Korean (and Korean-American) culture throughout. I found it intriguing and well done. One-sentence summary: When Lucky (a K-pop star) 'escapes' from her agent and bodyguards while on sleep medication, she runs into Jack (who 'saves' her while believing her drunk); the next morning, Jack offers Lucky the opportunity to explore Hong Kong (and pretends he doesn't know who she is), leading to tentative friendship, deception, and revelations for both. Genre: contemporary, hints of romance (very sweet), drama Publishing Info: FSG (BYR), 5/19 (I read an e-galley) Overall review synopsis: 4+/5 stars; might re-read; recommended for those who like K-pop (or celebrity-style tales), those who like sweet teen romance, those who like foreign settings, and those who like #ownvoices