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This is my first book by Sharon Greenland, but I will most likely try her again if I get the chance. Sophie is a strong heroine, although she doesn't share her emotions as deeply as I personally like. However, the plot and pacing is mostly good here, and I felt engaged from beginning to end (despite the too-many flashbacks). The romance is sweet (though more told than shown), and I thought the reasons behind what happened in the book made sense -- so a solid thriller, in that sense. One-sentence summary: Sophie, the president's daughter, must figure out how to stop domestic terrorists bent on getting revenge on her mom before she, her friends, and her family are killed. Genre: action/adventure, thriller, mild romance, fictionalized teen investigative agency Publishing Info: Entangled Teen, 8/19 Overall review synopsis: 4/5 stars; probably won't re-read; recommended for those who like thrillers, those who like strong heroines, those who like teamwork to solve problems, and those who like political families.