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I just discovered Johanna Parkhurst this summer. THANKS A LOT, JOHN LECLAIR is her second book of a duo, and although I like the first one (HERE'S TO YOU, ZEB PIKE), this one is definitely my favorite of the two. I like Emmitt's perspective, his hard work, his desire to please those around him, and his drive to succeed and be great. I also like his vulnerability and realism; he's not perfect, and part of the growth in the book is Emmitt's realization that it's okay to make mistakes. Of course, the love story between Emmitt and Dusty is very sweet, and I like the relationship between Emmitt and his brother (who is also Dusty's best friend), as well.

One-sentence summary: Emmitt wonders how to be true to himself (come out as gay) while also striving to be noticed as a high school hockey player and make it into the NHL.

Genres: contemporary, hockey-based, romance (LGBT)

Publishing Info: Harmony Ink Press, 12/16

Overall review synopsis: 5/5 stars; have already re-read once, even though I just discovered it a few months ago; recommended for those who like sports stories, those who like male POV, those who like LGBT romance, and those who like thoughtful and sweet characters.