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Robin Reads...THAT NIGHT

This is my first Amy Giles' book, though it probably won't be my last. I like angst and emoting, and she did quite well with that throughout the story. I found both Jess and Lucas realistic in their portrayal, and both were deeply sympathetic characters. I thought their romance was sweet and touching (and not too graphic, sexually), and their growth through the book seemed thoughtful and true-to-life. All in all, it's a good book with just enough hope to counter the challenges they've seen. One-sentence summary: Jess and Lucas both had tragedy touch their lives through the same event a year previously when a shooter killed people in a movie theater, including each of their brothers; now, both are struggling to put their own lives back together and deal with the repercussions in not on their own life but the lives of their families. Genre: contemporary, drama, romance Publishing info: HarperTeen, 10/18 Overall review synopsis: 4.5/5 stars; might re-read; recommended for those who like teens triumphing over tragedy, those who like teen romance, those who like realistic family drama, and those who like tales of depression and its repercussions.