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I like Kody Keplinger's writing, generally because her voice is very blunt and realistic. It was no different here, and I like how she explored the ideas behind publicized events; she takes something that everyone thinks they know about, and she digs deeper and points out all the possible and probable truths. I also liked her approach in this one, when she used other characters to share different truths. One-sentence summary: Three years after a school shooting massacre, as parents of one of the victims plan to put out a book about their daughter, their daughter's best friend -- a survivor -- realizes she needs to come clean about what really happened on that fateful day. Genre: contemporary, drama, hints of romance Publishing Info: Scholastic Press, 8/18 Overall review synopsis: 4/5 stars; might re-read; recommended for teens and adults who like looking at multiple perspectives, who like complex and multi-faceted characters and situations, and who like stories about overcoming personal tragedy.