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Robin Reads...THE BIG F

This is the first book I've read by Maggie Ann Martin, and I thought it was pretty good. I think it could have been stronger if Martin dove into the character complexities a bit more, but I enjoyed the characters anyway (even though their stories felt like they were being skimmed over some). That skimming feeling led to less involvement (on my part) with the characters, so I didn't care as much about them as I might have otherwise. Still, it's a sweet story.

One-sentence summary: When Danielle fails history, she also loses her spot in the university of her (or her mom's) dreams, and when she signs up for local community college to make up the class, she is reintroduced to a former crush and next-door neighbor, along with his roommate -- both of whom make an impact on her life.

Genre: YA contemporary, romance

Publishing Info: Swoon Reads, 8/17

Overall review synopsis: 4/5 stars; might re-read; recommended for those who like sweet tales that aren't too angsty and those who like cleaner reads