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I've read two other books by Tiffany Schmidt (HOLD ME LIKE A BREATH & BREAK ME LIKE A PROMISE), so I already knew her writing voice was engaging, her characters honest, and the emotion real and captivating. This book was no surprise in any of those areas, and I truly enjoyed it. I also like how sweet this was from beginning to end -- it would suit well for younger teens. Schmidt portrays romantic love, familial love, and platonic love honestly and realistically, in my opinion.

One-sentence summary: Rory tries hard to get over her feelings for boy-next-door Toby, especially because he's crushing on her older sister Merri; at the same time, Rory tries to find her own place among her family, fighting to be included with both Merri and oldest sister Lilly in their adventures. Genre: contemporary, sister tales, sweet romance Publishing Info: I read an eARC; this will be available on May 21, 2019 - Amulet Books Overall review synopsis: 4.5/5 stars; will probably re-read; recommended for tweens/teens who like sweet YA, thoughtful characters, just-starting high school, romance, and references to novels (like LITTLE WOMEN).