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I loved Kristen Simmons' trilogy ARTICLE FIVE, but the books in between that and this haven't really worked for me. This one, however, was really good. I liked the characters, I liked the constant mystery of who was telling the truth (or more likely, how many people were lying), and I liked the blend of vulnerability with chutzpah. I thought the romance was sweet, and I'm guessing this is also the first in a series, so I will be looking up the next one, without a doubt. One-sentence summary: Brynn's recruited to a school for con artists (in a con-like manner), but she quickly learns that when you're surrounded by liars, it's hard to know what's real...and how to solve your problems (like her mom's drug-dealing and abusive boyfriend) when you aren't sure if you can rely on anyone around you to help. Genre: contemporary, adventure, mystery, romance Publishing Info: Tor Teen, 2/19 Overall review synopsis: 5/5 stars; will definitely re-read; recommended for those who like vulnerable but tough heroines, sweet but angsty YA romance, mysteries, school-based tales, and vigilante justice.