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I picked up a few by Eileen Cook, but this is the last one I read. The mystery is pretty good, but again, I just didn't really like many of the characters. Skye, especially, seems callous and cold through most of the story, and most of the secondary characters didn't have many redeeming qualities, either. Also, I especially didn't like that there were no obvious consequences for all the things Skye and others did...I like more closure than that, I guess. One-sentence summary: Skye pretends to have psychic abilities, but when she's called upon to help with a police investigation involving a classmate, the hoax that she and the classmate set up together goes too far, and Skye finds herself in much deeper than she'd every imagined. Genre: mystery/suspense, contemporary, kind-of dual-POV Publishing Info: HMH BFYR, 10/17 Overall review synopsis: 3/5 stars; probably won't re-read; recommended for those who like intriguing suspense, those who like darker YA characters, and those who don't mind a lack of consequences for immoral acts.