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I enjoy April Henry's books, and her latest is no exception. The mystery here was compelling, the pacing solid, and the ending satisfying. There were hints of romance (as there often are in Henry's writing), but the focus is on the mystery and Adele's struggles. All in all, this was a good read. One-sentence summary: Adele can see and hear the dead, but at her grandfather's request, she takes drugs to block out 'the voices;' however, when her ex-best friend calls to her from a grave in the woods, Adele realizes it's time to wake up and find the truth -- not only for Tori but also for herself. Genre: mystery/suspense, contemporary, romance (mild) Publishing Info: Henry Holt and Co, 1/19 Overall review synopsis: 4+/5 stars; will probably re-read; recommended for those who like YA mystery/suspense, those who like a paranormal element, and those who like vulnerable yet determined heroines.