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This is the second book by Ashley Elston I've read (I loved the first -- THIS IS OUR STORY), and it was very good. I think Elston's strengths lie in building an intriguing mystery with a slow reveal. In places, it might have been a little slower than I personally like (in this case), but I still liked Owen, Noah, Owen's mom, and especially Owen's friends (all of whom were amazingly loyal). I also enjoyed the movement between the past and the present. One-sentence summary: Owen's dad disappears after embezzling money from his company which employed numerous people from Owen's mom's home town, and Owen and his mom are left to deal with the consequences -- and the mystery of what really happened. Genre: mystery, suspense, romance, multi-POV, male narrative Publishing Info: Disney-Hyperion, 11/18 Overall Review Synopsis: 4/5 stars; will probably re-read; recommended for those who like slow-building and slow-revealed mysteries, those who like male narratives, those who like jumping back and forth between past and present, and those who like teen romance