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Robin Reads...THE MIND VIRUS

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

Donna Freitas is one of my auto-buy authors (meaning I don't even need to read the blurb to know I'll want to purchase it), and this trilogy (UNPLUGGED) is no exception. THE MIND VIRUS is the final book, and to me, the tension from the first book continues here until it reaches a satisfying climax and resolution. I think the overall world building (a futuristic setup where people in our world are so addicted to their technology that they're willing to leave their physical bodies behind to become part of a virtual world) is solid and a little scary in its possibilities too. As with all Freitas' books, the MC is thoughtful, determined, caring, and well-rounded. And even though there are hints of a love triangle, I do like how the romance progresses throughout the trilogy.

One-sentence summary: Skylar continues in her fight to free those trapped in the virtual world, while also striving to help the 'real' world accept the new refugees, even as her sister and father continue their rule of the virtual world.

Genre: science fiction, dystopic, multi-POV

Publishing Info: Harper Teen, 12/17

Overall review synopsis: 4+/5 stars; I will most likely re-read the entire trilogy; recommended for those who like strong but vulnerable heroines, those who are interested in technology and its addictions, those who pursue social justice, and those who like teen romance.