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I've read MC Lee's 'Jack' series, and I really like those. This was also good, though a couple things niggled at me...but first, what I especially liked was the loyalty Sam has for Harry throughout. This was only in his POV, so I did feel a little detached from Harry (and all the other characters), and although Harry's words were always attuned to Sam, some of his actions seemed dubious? Suffice it to say, I liked the plot quite a bit, but the characterizations and relationships weren't as strong for me. One-sentence summary: When Harry is taken in by a man who wants to teach gifted kids, Sam is left on the outside (despite having left his own home to help Harry) because he's 'ordinary'; however, Sam continues to fight for Harry, even putting himself in harm's way until new mysteries and discoveries come to light. Genre: adventure, romance (LGBT), super-hero (of a sort) Publishing Info: Dreamspinner Press, 4/19 Overall review synopsis: 4-/5 stars; probably will re-read; recommended for those who like superhero/mutant-type tales, those who like teen (gay) romance (that's mostly off-page or fade-to-black), and those who like high-stakes adventures.