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This is my first book by Maurene Goo, and I like her writing style. She does a great job of bringing in Clara's culture in an organic and intriguing way that made me feel like I was living right there with Clara in L.A, experiencing her life. All the characters are unique and interesting here, and even though I didn't really like Clara through much of the book, seeing her through the eyes of the other characters -- especially Hamlet and her dad -- gave me sympathy for her; that's not easy to do (as a writer), so Goo's ability to increase my appreciation for the MC through secondary characters impressed me! Honestly, Hamlet, Rose, and Adrian (Clara's dad) shone throughout this book, and the fact that they all love Clara made me love her too. :)

One-sentence summary: Clara and her arch-enemy Rose are sentenced to a summer of working for Clara's dad in his food truck after a prank gone wrong at junior prom.

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Self-Discovery

Publishing Info: FSG Books, 5/18

Overall review synopsis: 4.5/5 stars; I might re-read (just to visit with Hamlet again); recommended for those who love honest character portrayals, those who like diverse characters, those who appreciate good food, and those who like sweet teen romance.