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Robin Reads...TIME BOMB

I adored Joelle Charbonneau's TESTING trilogy, so whenever she has a new book, I'm all over it. This was good (even if not as good, to me, as THE TESTING), and I especially enjoyed the multi-POV (all the main characters have a voice here). I think the mystery is intriguing, without a doubt, and although I guessed who the bomber was before halfway, I was entirely sure, so it was fun seeing more details add up as I went. I also liked learning more about each character, and I think Charbonneau did a good job here illustrating how hard it is to truly know another person's heart (especially when they're teens).

One-sentence summary: Bombs are planted in a high school, and although it's a couple weeks before the school year officially begins, seven students are trapped within the school after the first bomb goes off -- and one of them is the bomber.

Genre: Contemporary, hints of various romances, drama

Publishing Info: Houghton Mifflin, 3/18

Overall review: 4/5 stars; I might re-read it; recommended for most teens (as it really does offer some intriguing insights into how most people hide their true motivations and inner selves) and for those who like mysteries.